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Toxicity of Candles in the Home

Five years ago, I just loved burning candles all over my house. For ambience and mostly because I wanted that ‘amazing’ vanilla scent to fill my house and linger. Mmmm did I love it!

But thank God I had a baby.

Having my heart wrapped up in this new little life stopped me abruptly from burning candles for fire safety reasons. But that reason really was just a blessing in disguise. I didn’t know then what I know now about candle safety.

Burning a candle for one hour, with all the toxins it emits into the air has the equivalent effect on the environment as smoking a cigarette inside the home!

Say what? I would have never imagined “candles” and “cigarettes” being in the same sentence when talking about how bad they are for you.

Now I don’t have a single wax candle out, even as decoration since the fragrance still gets emitted into the air without it burning. Now I don’t keep a single thing in the house that has the word “fragrance” listed on the label or bottle - for the health of my entire family.

Now I get to use the oils that a plant naturally produces to make my house smell amazing. Plus added therapeutic and aromatic benefits. And I’m so thankful that I never exposed my baby’s little lungs and whole bodies to all those toxic chemicals in our air!

Life is so much better without candles. Who knew?!

What if this one simple thing changed your family’s health.. forever... would you do it?

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