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Vegan Buddha Bowls Made Simple

Do you ever find a healthy meal, try it once, and then just want it over and over again? Well the great thing about THESE particular meals are they can be modified to anything you want. So it becomes new every time you eat it, if you want, without much extra effort!

It's Buddha Bowls... Have you heard of them? Have you tried them? It not, YOU MUST!

They are my current dinner meal obsession because they have so much flavor and I love that I can throw in so many of my favorite things into one dish and go! Cooked ingredients in it can be eaten warm or cold too. On my list is to follow actual recipes, but for now, I’m just adding things that are already in my refrigerator.

When ever possible, I recommend using fresh and organic ingredients. What are some ingredients you'd like to try in your first Buddha Bowl? Below you'll find some ideas, but I also get a ton of inspiration (and actual recipes) on Pinterest, which I highly recommend too!

Here's what I put in today's Buddha Bowl:

**Cauliflower- baked with coconut oil, turmeric, curry powder, and salt at 400-degrees until cooked but not too soft.

**Kale & Collard Greens mixed - chopped and cooked with olive oil, fresh garlic, and add a dash of salt. Our family loves kale (we eat it about every other night and my 4-year-old and 10-month-old even devour it!). Our secret that changes its appeal completely (I believe) is adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end right before serving. If you aren't a fan of Kale, or if you are, then try this!

**Roasted chickpeas - lightly seasoned with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.

**I also added quinoa, tomatoes, edible yellow flowers from the tops of last years kale plants, and avocado. Sometimes I'll also add some nutritional yeast on top. Other favorite additions include cilantro, sautéed mushrooms, and kalamata olives. I find that I don’t need to add any sauce or dressing to my Buddha Bowls because the kale, tomatoes, and avocado help with the moisture.

Here are some ideas for building your own vegan Buddha Bowl:

BASE: (choose one)

Ø quinoa

Ø rice

Ø roasted sweet potato

Ø barley

Ø pasta

PROTEIN: (choose one or two)

Ø edamame

Ø beans

Ø tofu

Ø lentils

Ø (or a non-vegan protein of your choice like meat, fish, or egg)

HEALTHY FATS: (choose one or two)

Ø hummus

Ø avocado / guacamole

Ø chopped almonds or other nuts

Ø seeds (like chia, pepitas, hemp, flaxseed, sesame, etc)

Ø olive oil

GREENS: (choose one or two)

Ø kale (raw or sauteed)

Ø spinach

Ø collard greens

Ø mixed greens

Ø steamed broccoli

Ø roasted brussel sprouts*

Ø arugula

Ø sauteed green beans**

ADD SOME COLOR: (choose one or two)

Ø tomatoes

Ø carrots

Ø fresh cilantro

Ø bell pepper (raw or cooked)

Ø Kalamata olives

Ø sprouts

Ø sauteed mushrooms

Ø sliced cucumber

TOP IT OFF: (choose one or two)

Ø sauteed garlic & onions

Ø fresh lime juice

Ø roasted chickpeas (seasoned or not)

Ø sauce of your choice

Ø nutritional yeast

*my FAVORITE way to cook brussel sprouts is to slice them in thin slices, add olive oil, garlic, and salt. Roast until lightly brown/crispy. Then add fresh lemon juice, toss, and serve warm. It's so delicious!

**my FAVORITE way to cook green beans is with lots of red onion thinly sliced, fresh garlic, and salt. I like the onion to be softly cooked but not browned, so usually it works best to put it all in at the same time and cook it all together (rather than letting the onion cook first).

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